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A Solutions based approach to a clients’ design, production & distribution

After 30+ years in the print and promotional industry, Little Frog was founded in an effort to meet the print and promotional needs of your business, focusing on the personal approach and not succumb to the “big box” or “canned” solution. Yes, today’s electronic communications are great tools, but Little Frog’s founder believes that the personal phone call and the face to face meeting should be a priority to understanding a client’s need.

The concept of understanding your need and the directive to not “pass over” cost or time saving solutions for such need. The goal should not be to up-sell an application or force a finished product that doesn’t meet the actual client need. Basically, when a simple touch will do, why use a club?

It is this approach that led to the creation of Little Frog, a company with a solutions based approach to a clients’ design, production, and distribution needs as related to the print and promotional marketplace.

Why Little Frog?

Many ask, what’s the story behind the name “Little Frog”. Actually, it’s quite simple. Owner and Founder, Cris Zabka’s last name translates to “small green frog” in his native Czech language. Taking a little creative license, small green frog became Little Frog.